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Behavior Appointments

Behavior problems are one of the leading causes of surrender or euthanasia of otherwise healthy dogs or cats. They can be due to a number of different biologic and training causes and can be very difficult to manage without professional guidance.

Dog standing with owner on the street
Dog standing with owner on the street

We are offering behavior-specific appointments to help address those concerns in a focused manner. While we do not have board-certified veterinary behaviorists on staff, the general practitioners who offer this service have a special interest in behavior and have been engaging with specific continuing education to help further this knowledge base. In some cases, behaviors may still need a specialist, in which case we will offer a referral.

Why Would My Pet Need a Behavior Appointment?

There are many possible concerns that can be addressed in a behavioral appointment. Some have purely behavioral causes and some have a combination of medical and behavioral causes that can be addressed altogether during the appointment. Behaviors that can be addressed in these appointments include, but are not limited to:

  • Anxiety

  • Separation anxiety

  • Leash reactivity

  • Dog aggression

  • Intercat aggression

  • Inappropriate urination or defecation

  • Resource guarding

  • Inappropriate jumping

  • Etc.

What does a Behavior Appointment Look Like?

The initial appointment will be 1-1.5hrs long and scheduled at specific times with your dog or cat present. The veterinarian will do an exam and discuss the problem itself, your pet’s history, and goals. Based on this information they will help you formulate an initial plan. In some cases, medical diagnostics like lab work may be warranted or medication may be dispensed as part of the therapy. Follow-ups will be scheduled either in person or on the phone based on the problem and expected timeline.