Useful Documents and Forms

Quail Corners Animal Hospital is pleased to provide you with a variety of forms that can simplify the process of caring for your pet.

New Clients/Patients

Please complete the new patient form for all new client or new patient appointments. If your pet has had vaccines or procedures done at another hospital, please provide us with the veterinarian’s telephone number in advance so we may call them to obtain any pertinent information medical history. If your pet is new to you, we ask you to bring a copy of any records you received from the breeder, shelter or rescue.

Drop Off Appointments

If your pet is being dropped off for a visit with us (e.g. sick visit, wellness exam or technician appointment), please complete the drop off form and bring it with you to check in. Please be aware that check in is before 10am and generally takes 10-15 minutes, so please plan accordingly. In addition, the pick up time will depend on how soon the doctor is able to see your pet, but is generally after 2pm.

If your pet is being dropped off for an ultrasound or sedated appointment appointment (e.g. groom or wellness), you will be required to complete additional paperwork upon arrival, so please allow a few extra minutes.

Anesthetic Procedures

For any anesthetic procedures (e.g. surgeries and dentals), please complete the anesthetic consent form to bring with you the day of the procedure. Upon scheduling your procedure, an estimate tailored to your pet and the procedure will be mailed to you and should be brought along when you check in.


All pets boarding with Quail Corners Animal Hospital are required to complete the following boarding agreement and bring with you for each reservation. You may drop off at any time, but please allow for up to 15 minutes for check in during regular hours and potentially longer if you come during emergency hours.

Medical Records Release

It is the Standard Operating Procedure of Quail Corners Animal Hospital (QCAH) to provide copies of medical records to clients upon their request. The original medical record, paper or electronic, is the property of QCAH and is considered a legal document. Medical records include all exam notations, diagnostic results, vaccination history, surgical reports and images. Please complete the medical record release form and e-mail it to us to authorize us to share your pet’s complete records. This form is required for sharing any of you and your pet’s medical records when transferring your pet(s) to a different veterinary hospital, either permanent or temporary or if a change in ownership occurs.

Helpful docs and forms at Quail Corners Animal Hospital